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Hokitika Museum Research Centre



We hold an excellent assortment of books, images and archives about the history of our region. Our collection is for reference only. Bring a camera to copy material, or we can scan and copy material for you at a small charge. Our contact details are located here

Frequently asked questions

Our researchers will work with you to locate information you are seeking and suggest other lines of enquiry.

All you need to do is book an appointment so we can ensure we have the staff and resources available to assist you. Charges apply for all research undertaken. Our charges are detailed here.

Before you visit the Research Centre, check out these online research tools to see what you can find out about the subject or person you are researching.


  • Paperspast - a great place to start. Operated by the National Library, PapersPast is a searchable digital archive of New Zealand newspapers, magazines, journals, letters and diaries and Parliamentary papers.  The site is constantly being updated with new editions of documents added as funding allows.


  •  Archway - If you’re looking for official government  records concerning a person, place or subject matter – this is where you go. You can order copies of documents, photos, electronic records, or download those that are freely available. 


  • Births, Deaths and Marriage Records - This site allows you to search historic Births, Deaths and Marriage records . Birth dates records must be more than a 100 years old, Deaths and Marriage dates must be at least 80 years ago. Copies of death, birth and marriage records can be purchased from the site.  


  • Shipping Records - these are provided by NZ Archives via the FamilySearch website. 


  • Online Cenotaph - this is a great place to start for information on military records and New Zealand's involvement in domestic and international conflicts. This site is operated by Auckland Museum also has an excellent searchable database for the Boer War through to WWII.

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